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Corporate Income Tax

Sullivan & Associates P.C. provides companies with general federal tax consulting and corporate reorganization assistance. We also represent corporations of all sizes under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and/or State/Local Taxing Authorities. We work with clients throughout the audit process and we proactively identify any matters of significance and develop strategies on these fronts. We also provide direction throughout the information document request process and with any IRS and/or State/Local taxing authorities’ summonses. We will represent your company directly in front of the IRS and/or State throughout the entire process, and help you obtain the best result possible.

Partnership and Pass-Through Entity Taxation

We assist all types of pass through entities, including Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and S Corporations with their tax issues and tax planning. We can examine your current tax structure and filing positions with an eye towards mitigating any exposures and help you develop a blueprint for the future.

Our experts also represent all types of pass-through entities who have come under audit by the IRS and/or State/Local Taxing Authorities. We can assist you with all aspects of the audit process regardless of the issue, and help obtain the best resolution possible.

International Taxation

We help companies with all of the reporting requirements of the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) and the Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets.

Further, we also help companies operate in the global marketplace and help them operate in an efficacious manner overseas while navigating the ever evolving and complex international tax landscape.

Individual Taxation

Sullivan and Associates assist individuals with personal tax planning on all levels. We also represent individuals throughout the IRS and/or State/Local Taxing Authorities audit process, and assist with unfiled prior year returns, penalty abatement, offers in compromise, and any appeals that may arise as a result of an audit that was not closed to your satisfaction.

State Taxation

Income/Franchise Tax

Sullivan and Associates deals with all aspects of state income/franchise tax planning and consulting. Whether its questions on nexus, apportionment matters, business/nonbusiness concerns, sourcing issues, filing obligations and compliance, or corporate restructuring, we can help.

We can also assist you with all levels of state income tax controversy, whether it concerns tax notices, nexus questionnaires, audits, administrative hearings, or appeals. We are well versed on all issues that can arise and have handled audits and appeals throughout the United States in every state and local jurisdiction imaginable.

Sales and Use Tax

Sales and Use Tax can be confusing. We deal with all facets of sales tax planning and consulting. Whether its questions on nexus, product or service taxability, bundling issues, exemption concerns, drop-shipments, or filing obligations and compliance, we can provide you with the expertise you need to help you with all your concerns.

Our team can also help you unearth any sales tax refunds that may be available to you. You may be paying sales taxes for goods and services that are not subject to tax. We can work with you and review your companies expenses and seek the maximum refund allowable under the law.

We also can assist you with all levels of sales tax controversy. Sales tax audits are more prevalent than ever as states continue to search for revenues. We can help you with tax notices and nexus questionnaires as well as audits, administrative hearings, and appeals. We are extremely knowledgeable on all issues that can arise in a sales tax controversy, and have handled audits and appeals throughout the country.

State Personal Income Taxes and Residency Audits

The states have become extremely aggressive against their own constituents especially when they try to leave the state with their wealth. Leaving your long standing resident state and relocating to a no or low tax state takes planning, and we can help.

We can help you with everything you need to do to ensure that the transition goes smoothly from a tax perspective, and put you in the best position to defend yourself if the state has deemed you a resident of their state, even if you don’t have your main home here anymore.

Telecommunication Taxes

Telecommunications taxes are very challenging and perplexing and you need someone with vast experience in the area to make sense of it all. We are extremely knowledgeable with all areas of federal, state, and local taxation along with the numerous fees assessed at every jurisdictional level. Whether you are traditional or plain old telephone service (POTS) provider, a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company, Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) or provide cellular services, we can help you navigate all aspects of the labrynthical federal, state and local tax laws and help you understand whether you have any tax filing responsibilities in a jurisdiction and how to plan for your compliance burden as your company expands and grows.

We can also review your current billing and taxing system to ensure that your properly assessing tax, and if you are a reseller, or utilizing someone else’s network, we can examine your provider’s bills to ensure that you are maximizing your exemptions, and that you are not overpaying taxes yourself.

Employment Taxes

In the never ending quest for revenue, the states are cracking down on employment taxes in a fashion never seen before. They are auditing businesses of all sizes. They are going after employers large and small, and they are looking for as much tax as they can find. The states are beyond aggressive in this area, and we can calm the waters and manage the audit and come up with a reasonable result.