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Tax Services

Here at Sullivan & Associates we provide tax assistance for your business and understand the tax ramifications of the business decisions that you make read more.

Corporate Law Services

We can help you select the proper legal entity for your business, help you choose the best formation jurisdiction, and handle all aspects of the formation process, including founder’s agreements, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and buy/sell agreements read more.

Outsourced Solutions

Companies always struggle with the question as to when to bring in a full time tax expert. We can help make this decision easier by handling the duties of the tax director, without the having to have someone in house on a full time basis read more.

Telecommunication Taxes

We can provide expert assistance to your VoIP/POTS company in regards to telecommunication taxes, which can be very perplexing and challenging read more.

Employment Taxes and Department of Labor Audits

In the never ending quest for revenue, the states are cracking down on employment taxes in a fashion never seen before. They are auditing businesses of all sizes, whether you have $300,000 in revenue or $3 billion. Let us help you get on track read more.