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Outsourced General Counsel Services

Many of our clients retain us to act as their in-house general counsel. This service allows us to develop an in-depth familiarity with your business and help you guide through the myriad of issues that can arise as your business grows and prospers.

In House Tax Solutions

Tax Director Solutions for Small Businesses:

Companies always struggle with the question as to when to bring in a full time tax expert. We can help make this decision easier by handling the duties of the tax director, without the having to have someone in house on a full time basis. As your business grows, we can help you find the right expert to take on that role.

State and Local Tax Solutions for Accounting and Tax Consulting Firms:

Private companies are not the only ones who struggle with the questions of timing concerning bringing on in-house tax expert. As small and mid-sized accounting and law firms take on more complex clients, they need state and local tax (SALT) analysts to help their clients deal with the incredibly aggressive state and local tax jurisdictions, and we can provide that in-house solution, to your firm.

Of Counsel Tax Solutions for Law Firms:

The question of bringing in a Tax expert can be a chicken or egg type of question. Do I bring in a full time expert at considerable expense, or do I make due without one? Well we can help. We can be your tax department. Behind the scenes and provide the necessary resources and expertise, and assist you with anything that may come across your client’s radar. We can help you serve your clients Tax needs at all levels, from general planning to nexus minimization to controversy representation, all while your out of pocket cost is minimized.